Dear Santa,

So I was wondering if you would consider revoking your decision to place me on the dreaded ‘Naughty List’ this year and maybe consider treating me to the following:

  • Good health for me and my loved ones
  • A happy family
  • Quality family time
  • Christmas dinner
  • Lush – Something Festive please
  • A phone case from iDEAL of Sweden
  • Socks – Cute and Fluffy
  • Marzipan Fruits
  • Astronaut Ice Cream
  • A new decoration for my tree
  • A canvas with Toby on (My Westie)
  • A nice photo album for me to record this year’s Christmas in
  • An Oasis Voucher

Did I mention there is a mince-pie and some milk in it for you? Don’t worry I will be sure to leave a carrot or two out for Rudolph and his pals.

P.S I promise to be good, but I can’t promise anything in relation to that tub of Quality Street or that bottle of Bailey’s.


Merry Christmas,

Love Emma,



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After a lovely relaxing weekend in the Welsh countryside, it was time for me and Al to make the 258 mile trip back down South. Of course, with the temperatures dropping to a cool 3 degrees Celsius, poor visibility and an unfamiliar route, it came as no surprise when the dreaded orange light appeared on the dashboard and there were no petrol stations in sight. You could say this wasn’t exactly part of the plan at 1am in the morning.

However, if this whole experience has taught me anything it is: if we fail to prepare then we should prepare to fail. Whilst I haven’t passed my test yet, I think we can all benefit from a Winter essentials list for driving in colder temperatures, or simply when we set out on longer journeys. So, aside from anti-freeze, a scraper and a blanket what else should we take with us when driving home for Christmas?

Prepare Your Vehicle

  • Make sure your car has been serviced.
  • Test your brakes.
  • Check your tyre tread.
  • Make sure all of your lights are working and carry spare bulbs.
  • Make sure your battery is fully charged.
  • Check your wipers and wiper blades are working ok.
  • Make sure all of your fluids are topped up – windscreen wash, anti-freeze and oil.
  • Consider stocking up on the above essentials at the start of Winter.

Emergency Kit

  • Tow rope.
  • Snow shovel.
  • De-icing equipment.
  • A blanket to keep you warm.
  • A thermos flask with a hot drink or soup.
  • Wear warm clothes.
  • Snacks in case you get stranded.
  • A fully charged mobile phone.
  • A working torch.
  • A well stocked first aid kit with foil blanket.

Prepare for your journey

  • Check the weather forecast before setting off on a long journey.
  • Avoid making long journeys or travelling if conditions are bad.
  • Keep your fuel tank near to full – We nearly learnt the hard way!
  • Let someone know your route and what time you expect to arrive in case you run into difficulties.
  • Consider a map in case your sat nav or phone dies on you.

These are just some of the ways you can prepare for travelling in colder weather such as snow, rain or severe wind. Of course, there are many other ways you can ensure that you and your passengers stay safe, such as ensuring you reduce your speed. If you would like more information on travelling in Winter then you can check out the ROSPA website for more tips and the AA website also sells winter kits for under £30.

Will you be making any long journeys before the New Year? How do you make sure you stay safe? I would love to hear from you all.

Not sure how to perform basic service checks on your vehicle? Check out for further tips and advice.


Love Emma



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“Firewood” Fine Art Print $40

Still struggling to find a unique present for that man in your life or for your stationery loving friend? Then I have two very exciting gift ideas from as little as £20.

First up is Etta Vee a little online boutique whose work oozes vibrancy and captures your heart with a single glance. Her hand painted pieces are absolutely stunning. If you want to own your own little masterpiece then you seriously need to check out her online shop where she sells everything from phone cases, notepads, painted glass, paintings, fine art prints, ornaments and so much more.

Notebooks $27

I feel incredibly lucky that by pure chance I had stumbled across Etta Vee on Instagram as her work is a little slice of heaven and I will defiantly be purchasing some pieces from her for my loved ones as well as asking Santa to bring me my own little piece of Etta Vee. Trouble is I can’t quiet decide on whether I need a new phone case or a piece of wall art more.

Cooper Hand painted glass ornament $25

Sunset in Normandie iPhone Case $20

Next up is the very talented Kip from Karte Graphik who’s paper-cutting skills bring to life worldwide cities literally on paper. From as little as £35 Kip can take a simple city and transform it into a gift that is perfect for capturing a special moment in time. If you are newly engaged, then why not consider having a design of where you both got engaged? I for one love the idea of having Venice on my wall above our fireplace reminding me of that special moment that sealed our fates as each other’s future husband/wife. Kip can also create customised pieces from £110 that are unique to the recipient.

Berlin £35

London Brixton £35

Upper West Side NYC £50

If you would like to see more of Kip’s work then you can do so by clicking on the links below for more information and images.

Karte Graphik

Karte Graphik Instagram


Have you started your shopping yet?

Love Emma



Friday 4th November marked an incredible weekend full of candy floss, fireworks, chats with friends over coffee, lunch in a cosy pub and an incredible evening spent at the Christmas Lush event. Thanks to the lovely Katie Kirk and the Lush PR team I received my first invitation to my favourite bath and body shop on the high-street. To say I was estastic would be an understatement.

As soon as we stepped through the doors, we were greeted with lots of Lush loveliness, a Christmas themed spread laid on by Laura (think mince pies, celebrations, candycane crisps, satsumas and sparkling rose) and her lovely team and of course a festive playlist to help get us all in the Christmas spirit. You would have to be a complete scrooge to not secretly enjoy the early nod to the most wonderful time of the year.

After everyone had mingled, the lovely Laura introduced herself and told us that we would all be given the opportunity to create our very own buche de noel cleanser, Mark was also going to be showing us some Lush cocktails (sadly not the type one can consume) but rest assure the sight of them had us all jumping with joy and gasping at the magnificent sight of all of the glorious colour combinations. This man is a potion master and both Mark and the lovely Lush fairies were so passionate about the brand that you couldn’t help but get excited about their latest collection which is centred around pure natural, self preserving ingredients.


Hayley, who it turned out was an old school friend of mine, was incredibly informative about the Naked Collection and was on hand to answer all of my questions about the new range. I was amazed to discover that by reducing the water content of most of their products, they were in fact preventing bacteria from growing, which in turn removed the need for artificial preservatives and packaging such as plastic pots. This is something that I am very excited about as not only is this great for our environment, but it also means better quality products for our bodies – everyone is a winner.

I had such an amazing night and I can’t believe how quickly it was over, the build up to it had me feeling like a child on Christmas Eve and, just like Christmas itself, the event certainly didn’t disappoint. Moreover, just when I thought my evening couldn’t get any better, we were all presented with a very generous goody bag packed full of Lush treats, which included our very own handmade buche de noel cleanser.

Thank you so much to all of the Crawley Lush team (Laura, Mark and Hayley) and to Katie Kirk for helping to arrange it all. It was an absolute pleasure meeting all of you who attended the event and now I can’t wait for a very Lush Christmas.

Check out @CrawleyLush on Twitter and @lushcrawley on Instagram for my Lush goodies.

Will you be going naked this Christmas?

Love Emma



Find out exactly what I got inside my Lush goodie bag over on my YouTube channel.


Tonight sees the unwrapping of Christmas at Long Barn in Alresford, where a sparkling reception will be laid on especially for guests along with one-night-only offers to tempt you. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend this wonderful event for all the exciting festivities, but I may have popped in twice last weekend for a little sneak peek at the incredible range of their latest products and for a slice of ginger cake (on Saturday) and a lavender biscuit (on Sunday).

Lavender of course is something that Long Barn have been growing and distilling for over a decade now from their farm based in Hampshire. So, if you’re looking for some wonderful aromatic products, then I highly recommend their candles and bath and body collection, as the smell is just amazing and they’re made entirely of pure natural ingredients.

Alongside their lavender based products, Long Barn also offers a wide range of lifestyle products, Christmas decorations and Tabitha Webb’s first cashmere collection, which you can see tonight between 5-8pm.  I could go on all day about how incredible this place is, but they say a picture paints a thousand words, so prepare for exactly that.

What I particularly like about Long Barn is that a bit like the seasons, the products change to reflect the time of year and you can guarantee that whenever you drop by, there is bound to be something new and exciting waiting for you. So, if you are looking for some unique stocking fillers or gifts then make sure you put this place at the top of your nice list and maybe treat yourself to something naughty from the delicious café onsite – after all you deserve it after all that Christmas shopping you are bound to do whilst there.

Happy Shopping

Love Emma


You can find out more about Long Barn on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course their website.