• ESTRID Razor Review: Sustainable Shaving


    Estrid Razor – Shaving without the yoga routine

    Shaving – love it or hate it, for most of us it has become a part of our beauty routines. Personally I have always found it easier to de-fuzz in the tub after enjoying a relaxing soak. But since moving out into our caravan, shaving has started to feel like a yoga routine.

    The Revoluntionary Estrid Razor

    So, when I heard that the latest vegan-brand Estrid had landed I was excited to see why so many bloggers were raving about it, I mean surely a tiny device couldn’t be that revolutionary right?

    My New Sustainable Shaving Buddy

    After taking my Estrid for a spin this morning and stepping out of the shower with silky smooth legs, I can begin to see what the hype was all about. I think what the real game-changer has been is not the five-blade cartridge that glides effortlessly along your skin, but the matching holder that acts as the perfect little home to help keep your razor safe.

    When Women support each other, incredible things happen!

    The fact that the Estrid co-founder Amanda Westerbom decided to create a shaving solution that was sustainable, affordable, stylish and supports our sisters is such an inspirational story.

    If you are looking for a razor that delivers then look no further than Scandi-cool Estrid who delivers directly to your door from as little as £7.95. The cute packaging that accompanies your new buddy, is not only cute, but you guessed it – 100% recyclable.

    Female empowerment is at the heart of Estrid.

    Moreover, Estrid also donates a portion of its profits to help support charities such as the Fawcett Society to help increase the power and influence that us females can have.

    A Carbon-Neutral Future

    Who knew shaving could have such an impact? Estrid is a winner for me and I will be happily switching from cheap disposable blades that leave me with cuts and bumps, to smooth skin and an affordable alternative that just so happens to be environmentally sound thanks to their climate-compensated shipping.

    Have you tried the latest Estrid razors and their subscription service yet? I would love to hear your thoughts either in the comments below or over on Instagram

    Love Emma


    Thank you to the Estrid Team for kindly gifting me their Lemonade design. I was under no obligation to post a review and as always my views and opinions are my own.


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