• Stress Free Packing – Manchester Weekend Break


    Do you often find yourself packing everything, apart from the kitchen sink?  After many years of over packing and being that person you see at the airport struggling to drag or carry their case, I decided enough was enough!

    Now I am sure you like I start off with good intentions and probably read up on the perfect ‘capsule wardrobe’ and how to improve your packing technique (roll, roll and roll) and yet despite all of the research and articles that you read, you still find yourself determined to squeeze that extra piece of clothing in, that you just can’t live without.

    Well I will confess that it wasn’t until I became a flight attendant that I actually managed to pack the bare necessities and even then it took me a couple of year’s to hone my packing technique. So I thought I would share some of the knowledge that I have gained and actually provide some examples of what I packed on my recent trip to Manchester.


    I honestly believe that by investing in a decent suitcase you will automatically find yourself packing more efficiently. Now you have probably heard of Samsonite. However, if you are on a tight budget then I would recommend checking out ‘Robert and Dyas’ who do a small case by ‘Wenger’ for under £40. The one I have has three individual compartments and one separate laptop case. The front compartment also has pockets for your phone, passport, pens and money etc.




    Aspinal of London Bag

    Ok, so you may not be able to afford to spend over a £1,000 or even £500 on a bag, in which case I would recommend investing in a large bag from somewhere like New Look or Debenhams. However, I will reiterate what I have said many times before and that is that my ‘Marylebone Bag’ by ‘Aspinal of London’ is perfect for travelling. It allows me to charge my Ipad or phone on the go without worrying about cables getting all tangled up. It’s size also means I can carry literally everything I need and want to hand.



    Packing Tips

    • Try to ascertain what activities you will be doing (Beach, sightseeing etc).
    • Write a packing to list to minimise the risk of over packing or forgetting something important.
    • Lay out all of your outfits on the bed and try to pack items that you can mix and match.
    • Take accessories to transform an outfit from day to night.
    • Take one bag that will be suitable for day and night (black is ideal).
    • Pack only one pair of shoes for evening and two for day (You can wear one pair).
    • Pack a lightweight jacket for bad weather that can fold up easily.
    • Don’t pack all of your makeup.
    • Try and pack travel size products (Beauty counters usually offer free samples).
    • Pack clothes that can be layered oppose to bulky items, as these can take up more space.
    • I know you have heard it before but – roll, roll, roll.
    • Don’t forget you can put belts, socks in shoes to save on space.
    • Pack necklaces in old make up bags to protect them and ensure your clothes don’t get damaged.
    • Pack a few extra pairs of underwear and three extra strappy tops.


    Outfit Breakdown

    Day 1 (Travelling)  Black Jeans, Tank Top, Kimono and Ballet pumps

    Day 1 (Evening meal out) Black Jeans, Black courts, a red top and leather jacket

    Day 2 (Shopping) Demin Jeans, black stripe top, black boots and leather jacket

    Day 2 (Party)Black Jeans, bardot top, black pumps and leather jacket

    Day 3 (Travelling and visiting family) Nautical top, Demin jeans, mint pumps and leather jacket

    Have you found these tips useful? If you are jetting off to somewhere sunny this Summer, then I hope you have an amazing time. I look forward to seeing you back on the blog soon.

    Love Emma



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