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    Style for every occasion.
    Style for every occasion.

    So when it comes to fascinators I have always been a bit sceptical and I will confess I have had a few reservations on their standard run of the mill flamboyant designs.

    However, when I recently paid a visit to my local House of Fraser store, I was not only pleasantly surprised by the vast array of choice on offer by Jacques Vert. But I soon came round to the idea of wearing a fascinator and actually fell in love with a couple.

    Sinamay Overlay £79.00

    I initially decided to ease myself into the world of millinery by trying on a classic design in black and white. I really loved the style of the sinamay overlay and it instantly made me feel like a more sophisticated version of myself.

    Next I tried a turquoise piped bow hat, the colour is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for this Season. However, I did actually discover after trying on a few more fascinators from the Jacques Vert collection, I was better suited for a more simplistic design with a slight angle incorporated as this was more in proportion for my face shape and also reflected my personality and style better.

    Piped Bow Hat £59.00

    The corsage flower disc (pictured below) was an absolute steal at £59.00 down from £119.00. This fresh design would look great with a mint or floral dress.

    Corsage Flower Disc £59.00
    Corsage Flower Disc £59.00
    Feather Disc Headpiece £119.00

    This pink feather disc headpiece (£119.00) completely captivated me, the colour really enhanced my face and the contrast against my blonde hair made me feel like this was a potential head turner for all the right reasons. Moreover, it’s feminine and sophisticated design would provide the perfect foundation for any outfit.

    Ultimately, whether you decide to go for a hat or fascinator, flamboyant or classic. The most important thing to remember when selecting your headpiece is that it enhances your features and reflects your personality!

    If you have enjoyed this post, then make sure you check out my next post for more inspiration on Ascot accessories and leave a comment below.

    Love Emma



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