• Dear Santa…

    The Annual Coca-Cola Christmas advert has aired, Christmas jumpers are flying off the racks, Christmas parties and family gatherings are slowly filling up our diaries and the decorations have gone up. The Christmas countdown is already well under way and my Cadbury’s advent calendar has made an appearance thanks to my Mum. But there is one very important thing that almost slipped my attention – my Christmas list (wish list) to Santa hasn’t been written! Whilst, Argos used to be the answer to my childhood dreams, at the age of 29, I have found that both my Christmas wishes and life ambitions have got far more complex. So, without further ado, here is a little peak at my wish list to Santa for 2018. 

    Whilst I personally capture all of my current photographs on my phone, I would really love to capture images and videos with higher quality and be able to enjoy the whole process when it comes to creating my content for my blog and social channels.  

    Memories that last a lifetime 

    LUMIX Panasonic £2,299

    The ultimate dream for any blogger has got to be a mirrorless camera that captures the perfect flatlay even in the toughest conditions as well as doubling as a video camera that can catch all the action for your YouTube channel. Whilst, there are many cameras already out on the market, the Lumix Panasonic GH5S has been described as astounding by many and also the best provided by Panasonic. Some of the reasons why this particular camera stands out to me are listed below.

    • Built-in technology delivers breathtaking image-quality even in poor lighting.
    • Unlimited recording time with 4K 60p/50p video recording.
    • Easy to us.
    • Tough compact design.

    A weekend Break in A European City 

    Perhaps it’s the Ex-hostess in me, but if there is one thing I crave then it has got to be that exciting opportunity to jump on a plane and jet off to a new destination. Naturally, I would be capturing the incredible sights and sounds on my LUMIX Panasonic mirror-less camera. There are many places that I would love to visit which include some of the following:

    • Australia – There are so many things I would love to do in this incredible country including visiting the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House and taking part in a bridge climb over the city.
    • Route 66 – I would love to do a road-trip, Chicago to Santa-Monica, with my husband.
    • City Breaks – Lisbon, Paris, Rome and many more!
    • Travel the world – The ultimate dream would be to take a year out and travel around the world.

    Spa Day

    To be honest, I would settle for a deep tissue massage right now. Does anyone else find that Christmas shopping uses muscles you didn’t know existed? Clicking that mouse and dragging those items into your cart is no easy feat nor is raising a glass of Prosecco to your mouth at Christmas parties.

    Quality Family Time

    Something that money can’t buy, but is perhaps the most precious gift I could wish for, is time with my husband and family. Sadly, 21st century life is so fast paced, that we often forget to sit and take in exactly what is going on right in front of us.

    You may of noticed that most of my Christmas wishes are experiences, this is another reason why the LUMIX Panasonic mirror-less camera is at the top of my list, because in years to come I would love to sit down at Christmas and show my children all of the amazing things that I have done with my life and all of the incredible people that have made my life what is. 

    What’s on your Christmas wish list this year? I would love to know in the comments below. 

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all for 2019!

    Love Emma 


    This post was written in collaboration with Spot Digital on behalf of Panasonic. However, as always all thoughts and opinions remain my own.  


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