• You Know You Are A Social Media Addict When…

    The dark side of social media.


    • You spend hours scrolling through your Twitter feed before bed at 22:50pm on a school night.
    • The first thing you do when you wake up is reach for your phone and check your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
    • You spend ages taking photographs of a regular subject matter – flowers, a selfie just to achieve the right lighting or angle.
    • You spend ages perfecting your look – makeup, hairstyle just to get one decent selfie.
    • You have to tweet about your daily routine or latest purchase.
    • You have your very own blog and are a pro when it comes to using google analytics.
    • You purchaseĀ random items such as marble wallpaper that doubles up as a background for your flatlay.
    • Your friends and family often complain about your phone being constantly glued to you.
    • You find it impossible to switch off.
    • You are writing a list like this one at 22:58pm, when you should be getting your beauty sleep for work tomorrow.

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