Every little girl dreams of the day she will try on her dress, the one that makes her feel like a real life princess. Of course after discovering the one a bride turns her search to nailing down the perfect dress for those special ladies in her life – her bridesmaids.





Today I was that bride that took a very exciting journey down to White Dresses and Tiaras. From the moment I stepped into the boutique I was greeted with an array of stunning bridal designs adorned with beautiful intricate details and glistening beads that sparkled as the sunlight captured them. We were quickly greeted by the lovely Jodie who immediately offered us refreshments and showed us to our very own private corner where we could enjoy the VIP experience even more.



After receiving mediocre customer service from other bridal shops in the past, it was wonderful to be able to enjoy a bridal experience like no other. Jodie was incredibly helpful and offered both myself and my special ladies a tailor made service that met our every need. No request was too much, White Dresses and Tiaras really do set the perfect tone for pure bridal bliss. From appointment confirmations and reminders to personalised fittings for each one of your special ladies, I can’t recommend White Dresses and Tiaras enough. My only regret is that I didn’t discover this incredible boutique sooner. Moral of the story like all great things, you can’t hurry love.


With Thanks to White Dresses and Tiaras for an unforgettable day.

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Love Emma





Tired of walking around in a zombie like state at work? Suffer with Insomnia? Fed up of feeling lethargic? Then here are some tips that I have tried out, which I guarantee will have your head hitting the pillow like sleeping beauty.


  • Run yourself a nice warm bath and add some Radox for a nice relaxing soak
  • Cut out caffeine after 5pm
  • Keep a diary or notepad by your bed to help you jot down those last-minute important details
  • Spray some ‘This Work’s lavender spray on your pillow
  • Have a social free hour before bed and read a book instead.


  • Massage some ‘sleepy’ body lotion on from ‘Lush’
  • Invest in some cute PJ’s

If all else fails then consider doing night shifts like your’s truely. I am working 6pm to 6am, now if that doesn’t make me tired, then what will? Do you have any tips for a good night’s sleep?


Happy Monday





Follow Your Dreams!

On the 31st May 2016, I finally took the plunge into the blogosphere and what a fantastic year it has been. In the last 365 days I have worked with some incredible brands such as Franchetti Bond and people such as Matt from Vits and Kicks I attended my first blogging event up in London for the Maison de choup launch and I have met some wonderful people on Twitter who never fail to inspire me. Blogging was supposed to be a creative outlet, a way for me to channel my thoughts and feelings. Never in a million years did I think it would grow to be something that has the potential to take me places I could never of dreamt of.


Despite the negativity surrounding the industry lately and a certain Cosmo post bringing everyone down, I am determined to continue my exciting journey, not for the followers, likes or freebies but because for me blogging gave me something money can’t buy – confidence and happiness. Because of blogging I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and mixed with total strangers, I have been able to channel my love for marketing in my product reviews and it has made me realise that dreams are there to be pursued and to give us all hope.


Maison de Choup Launch.

What made you start blogging? I would love to be to know what you have discovered or gained from the blogging world.


Love Emma




Step into the unknown.





With all of the negativity floating around the blogosphere lately, I thought it would be nice to share some love instead. So, here are my top 5 accounts that I have been inspired by lately.

  1. ItslittleLauren

This beautiful lady has taught me the importance of being open, honest and proud of who you are. Despite her daily struggles with M. E Lauren’s feed is filled with beautiful selfies, delicious Insta-worthy cupcakes and a pinch of reality for good measure.

2. Hannahfgale
I absolutely love Hannah’s effortless style and her personality shines throughout her feed. Another blogger keeping it real.



Kindness is free, spread that stuff everywhere!

3. Milkbubbletea

Pure pastel perfection, beauty, fashion, flowers and Becky’s cute little sausage dog.




4. Lovelystyle40

Wife and mum of two Joanna proves that style really does come with age. Her love for all things fashion related clearly play a huge part in her feed, where she mixes high-end pieces with high street brands such as Primark.




5. Tiffanytalesxo

Fashion, fabulous flatlays, beauty and lots of dreamy pics. Tiffany’s feed has that girl next door vibe going on.




Have Courage and be kind.

What are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow? I hope this post has helped you to discover a few more inspirational ladies and that you all have a wonderful weekend. If you are new to blogging then please do not give up your dream of pursuing  it! The majority of us blogging folk are incredibly supportive and the great thing about blogging, is that there is room for us all.


Love Emma




When the film Confessions of a Shopaholic was released in  2009 little did I know that I too would become obsessed with shopping. Luckily, my addiction to buying nice things hasn’t resulted in any severe consequences like many young women. However with our wedding fast approaching the reality has begun to set in.


So I thought I would set myself a challenge for the next 30 days to help me curb my impulse spending habits and hopefully encourage me to save! I will be keeping a diary from the 1st June which I am considering sharing with you, if you are interested.

  1. I will limit myself to one treat per month😩
  2. I will budget for events such as Birthday’s🎉
  3. I will switch to pack lunches oppose to daily meal deals from ‘Boots’ or Subway 🥗🌯sandwiches.
  4. I will stop ordering Papa John pizzas 🍕
  5. I will avoid the high street on my lunch break – This is a tough one as I work in retail.🛍
  6. I will create new looks with my current wardrobe.💃
  7. I will sell items if I wish to make a purchase👀
  8. No Bridal or Fashion Magazines👰💍
  9. I will put £10 in our Honeymoon Fund at least once a month.😊
  10. I will put a portion of my wages into my savings💰
  11. Continue to pay off credit card on time.💳
  12. I will ask myself do I really need it or can it wait?😂
  13. I will pay for things with cash and avoid using my card for contactless  payments🙊


Some other useful tips from my lovely Twitter followers include:

  1. Meal prep your lunches at the weekend (or when you are free) instead of buying lunches when you’re at work everyday @RetroSnowflake🍱
  2. Write down everything that you spend from day-to-day for a week – when you look back you’ll be able to see areas where you can cut down @pollymaisie 😵


Are you a shopaholic or a savvy saver? Do you have any tips I could try?

Love Emma