• My DoTERRA Experience with Dawn Lovejoy

    *Gifted Collaboration

    My First doTERRA Experience

    Having first discovered DoTERRA back in 2017, after a friend recommended I tried it as a natural alternative to traditional pain relief for my migraines, I was intrigued to find out more.

    Initially I was sceptical, I mean if traditional pain relief such as paracetamol and ibuprofen hadn’t worked, how could essential oils be any different? Whilst it didn’t cure my migraines, it did work as a preventative measure and whenever I started to get those first signs of a migraine, I would put some on the back of my neck or wrists.

    After moving on to a new job, my new-found love for essential oils took a backseat, until 2020, when I met Dawn Lovejoy at a networking event where she shared her own experience with us and mentioned DoTERRA.

    It all came flooding back to me, the calming effect of the oils, the beautiful scents that made you feel like you were enjoying a nice massage on a spa day, even when you were sat in the middle of an office. So, when I was lucky enough to win a sample pack of DoTERRA essential oils, I couldn’t wait to learn more.

    Peppermint perks

    Despite my previous positive experience with DoTERRA, I was still a complete novice and felt lost when it came to actually understanding how I could enjoy the full benefits of DoTERRA.Luckily for me, I also won access to Dawn’s Essential VIPs Facebook group, where I could learn more and hear what others had to say about their own experiences with DoTERRA.

    The first oil that I was drawn to was Peppermint, as I had heard about the benefits it can have if you suffer from regular headaches like myself. However, I quickly discovered that it can also be used to help soothe toothache, aid digestion and so much more, just by adding a drop to your mint tea.

    A natural way to boost your immunity

    Having moved out of my childhood home after 31 years, starting my first business and having to adapt to the pandemic that began unfolding last year, you could say that stress, fatigue and poor mental health had become unwelcome guests in my life.

    Achieve a healthier lifestyle

    So, when I learnt that the On Guard oil could help me to achieve a healthier lifestyle, coupled with regular exercise and a healthier diet, I figured what could I lose?

    Now, full disclosure I still crave comfort food like tea and biscuits, especially when it’s raining outside and I won’t hesitate to stay indoors and watch another episode on Netflix if I am given the chance, but now the sunshine is shining down on us at long last and the evenings are getting lighter, 2021 is a year where I want to take back control.

    This is where my Wild Orange oil comes in, as another issue I have in the colder months is finding the energy and motivation to get up and seize the day. It turns out that even the book, The Miracle Morning, couldn’t change my mindset when it came to 5 am start. However, thanks to my Wild Orange oil which I shall be using to help refresh our caravan by applying it to our work surfaces, we can now enjoy a natural alternative that leaves us feeling energised.

    Let’s get wild

    Last but not least, is the Adpativ oil which I am hoping will help me to feel less irritable and fatigued in the week leading up to my monthly cycle. I may also use it when I need a calming boost to my daily routine.

    Having tried a few samples of DoTERRA oils, I can say that I have enjoyed my experience and will be looking to treat myself to some more oils for my diffuser in the coming months.

    Pure, potent and effective essential oils

    Have you tried essential oils yet? DoTERRA is renowned for their pure, potent and effective essential oils and I can highly recommend them. However, make sure you consult a doctor and DoTERRA expert before adopting any alternative medicine, especially if you intend to use it as a topical treatment.

    Disclaimer: Both my husband and I were very kindly gifted a sample of the Adaptiv, Peppermint, Wild Orange and On Guard oils to try in exchange for an honest review. However, all thoughts and opinions remain my own.


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