• My Fitness Journey with Lapasa: A Review

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    Fitness Flatlay
    Fitness Journey.

    After discovering the many benefits of keeping fit, I have recently started my own fitness journey in an attempt to tone up and improve my fitness levels. It was actually my 28th birthday that made me realise that our health is something that we should invest in and exercise is about so much more than just losing weight or toning up.

    Coupled with the fact that society and the media are currently showering us with perfect photoshopped  images of toned bodies in bikinis, fitness plans are being featured in magazines, guides on how to lose a stone in 4 weeks have  become a regular occurrence and social media is being used as a platform to share atheistically  pleasing images of acai bowels, yoga poses and calorie counting has become the norm.

    I have decided to use this as an opportunity to make small changes such as going for walks in the fresh air, drinking plenty of water at work, snacking on fresh fruit more oppose to polishing off a whole packet of Kit-Kats and getting at least 8 hours sleep by cutting back on social media in the evenings.

    Yoga Pose

    After the initial motivation and small changes, I was launched into the word of healthy living and  was motivated to start my own fitness journey which involved regular bike rides, weight training and walks with Toby as a daily activity. As a result l have begun to lose some weight, my mental health has greatly improved, I feel fitter, have more energy and find myself craving healthier food.

    Excercising Poses
    Endure The Pain. Enjoy The Gain.

    However, it has been quiet some time since I donned my running shoes, so when a Canadian Sportswear company called Lapasa got in touch and asked me if I would like to review a couple of pieces from their latest collection, I was very excited.

    After looking for a decent sports bra for quite some time and failing to find leggings that cater for my 5ft 10 inch frame. I decided to try Lapasa’s Yoga bra in black and the yoga leggings in navy. Being a size 14 on the bottom and a 34E on the top I also went for the XL large size which fitted perfectly.

    When they arrived I was very impressed with the quality as Lapasa’s prices are so reasonable, that I was expecting the material to feel poor.

    First I tried the yoga bra which offered just the right amount of support without leaving you feeling restrictive, making it the perfect essential for your yoga or running needs. Next up where the Lapasa leggings which despite their fitted design felt incredibly soft, lightweight and comfortable.

    Lapasa Sportswear
    Stronger Than Yesterday!

    What I particularly love about Lapasa is that unlike other sportswear brands Lapasa is discreet with its branding which is something that really appealed to me as I wanted clothing that was comfy, affordable and understated.

    These are just a couple of my favourite pieces, so I would recommend you head on over to their Lapasa store over on Amazon if you wish to see the rest of their high – tech apparel. Alternatively, their Instagram account is worth taking a look at for some style and fitness inspiration.

    I personally can’t recommend Lapasa enough and as a Bride-to-be who wants to feel healthy and fit on her wedding day without breaking the bank, I will definitely be ordering some more pieces from the Amazon store.

    Lapasa Selfie
    Let exercise be your stress relief, not food.


    My Fitness Journey
    Keep On Movin.


    Toby with Weights
    Toby weighting.

    Are you just starting out on your own fitness journey? Why not treat yourself to some new pieces for your gym kit? Lapasa are offering all of my lovely readers 10% off all you have to do is enter the code: Journey1 Valid until September 4th 2017. 

    I hope this post has motivated you to get moving and start your own journey today. Of course life is all about balance which is why I had a cheeky McDonalds at the weekend, so remember as long as you are off that sofa and moving, then you are already ahead of those who are still watching the latest episode of ‘Love Island’.


    Love Emma



    Disclaimer: I was provided with these items in exchange for an honest review. I only review products that I genuinely love and would consider buying. All opinions are my own.


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