• Bloggers Block


    You may of noticed I have been rather quiet up until recently on my blog and social media, that is because life has simply got in the way and then I found myself suffering with ‘bloggers block’. Luckily I found these few tips helped me to kick-start my blog again and I also found my motivation and most importantly of all I fell in love with blogging all over again.

    1. Read other blogs by your favourite bloggers. I particularly love itslittlelauren Hannahgale and many more.
    2. Planning a wedding, found a new restaurant you love or perhaps you found a great bargain in Primark – then why not write about it?
    3. Go shopping for fashion inspiration.
    4. Take a trip to your local park for nature photography opportunities.
    5. Discover new blogs via Bloglovin or Twitter
    6. Listen to the news or read your local newspaper for issues that mean something to you.
    7. Carry a notepad and pen as inspiration can strike at anytime – The perfect excuse to stock up in Paperchase
    8. Relax and learn to switch off – I’m still working on this one.
    9. Listen to your favourite music or enjoy a nice relaxing bath.
    10. Create a space where you can work quietly – Primark is great for rose gold stationary and marble notepads.

    Hopefully this post will help you to find your blogging mojo or perhaps you have your own suggestions. I hope you all have a great week.


    Love Emma.



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