• Anti-Social Media



    As a blogger it might surprise you to discover that as much as I love the world of social media, I am becoming increasingly concerned about the negative effects that if may be having on our mental health.

    I know what you are probably thinking – surely ‘Twitter’ is a great way for me to engage with my audience and share my views with like-minded people. Yes! ‘Twitter’ is great for taking part in blogger chats and even making new friends. Yes! ‘Instagram’ and ‘Snapchat’ can be fun in moderation.


    However, as we become more connected online and technology increases our ability to communicate on a global scale, it is also pushing us into an addicted spiral of tweets, snapchats, whatsapp messages, text messages, emails and consequently we are neglecting what is right in front of us – our loved ones!

    Now I will put my hands up and confess I am obsessed with social media to the point I can’t eat my food at a fancy restaurant until I have taken at least one picture, I spend a good five minutes getting the perfect shot, angle, lighting just for a selfie and on a bad day I might even throw in a snap chat filter to look more blogger worthy.


    Even after perfecting my social profile I then find myself unconsciously comparing my social life and latest purchases to those I follow on Instagram. The trouble is there is a fine line between admiration and an unhealthy obsession with constantly using social platforms as a means of benchmarking your major life events such as engagements or even having a baby against your friends.


    Such addiction does make me wonder if this perhaps can contribute to a low self esteem that can often lead to poor mental health. Unsurprisingly, I discovered that many of you suffer with anxiety and/or depression. Here are some other interesting stats that I gathered on Twitter:

    • Out of 13 people 85% suffered with Anxiety and 15% with depression
    • 64% believe social media doesn’t have a positive influence on your mental wellbeing
    • 82% believe personality is what makes a person attractive followed by confidence at 18%
    • All of you either compare yourselves to other bloggers, friends or everyone on social media.

    As much as I conducted these polls in an attempt to ascertain what the majority of you think, it has opened my eyes and made me realise that we are all our own tough critics and yet we don’t judge others by the standards we set ourselves.

    Surely then we are setting ourselves up to fail right from the start? How can you possibly be taller, skinner, browner, more intelligent or like you best friend ‘Kate’ when you are the complete opposite! I for one am going to try harder to be my own best friend and live by my own standards and not anyone else’s. Live your life for you and be exactly who you want to be – not what society tells you to be or do.

    On a more positive note, Blogging, technology and social media has also introduced me to all of you wonderful people and resulted in some fun Collabs. I wouldn’t change it for the world but I will change my unrealistic harsh views of myself and strive to connect with loved ones in the moment.

    I hope you all have a lovely weekend and remember …..


    sometimes you need to disconnect to reconnect.


    Love Emma



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