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    Wild Home Bracelets
    Tassles, Beads and Prints – Just a few of my favourite things.

    When the lovely Hannah from Wild Home contacted me about their beautiful sustainable products and asked if I would like to review some of their gorgeous accessories, I was thrilled. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as I was jetting off to sunny Mallorca for a 2 week stay in a Spanish villa complete with its own pool later that week.

    Villa Décor.

    Whilst, browsing the Wild Home online store I was greeted with an array of beautiful bright bold colours and unique designs. I instantly fell in love with the Maua sandals as they had been lovingly made by a local Kenyan artisan, which meant that I could step our in style knowing that whilst I was updating my wardrobe, a very talented individual was also benefitting at the same time. Despite packing enough shoes for two weeks, the Maua sandals ended up replacing them all and proved to be great for walks around Alcudia old Town, the beach as well as for walks back from the marina in the evening.

    When Hannah told me to send her my wishlist, I wasn’t expecting to get the sandals, so when these arrived in the post along with some stunning bracelets in two of my favourite colours ( blue and pink) I felt incredibly lucky. The great thing about Wild Home online is that not only does each item tell a different story, but they also try to ensure that all of their products are made from natural and sustainable materials. I can’t recommend this fabulous store enough and if you are looking for a unique Christmas gift for your loved one’s, then make sure you check out their new arrivals.

    Wild Home OOTD
    Just another evening in Mallorca.
    Beaded Maua Sandals
    Palm Springs.
    Beaded Floral Sandals
    Take a walk on the wild side.
    Holiday Accessories.
    Sunny days.
    I love these sandals so much!
    Beautiful Bougainvillea.

    Feeling Wild?

    Chunky Rafiki Bracelet £15.00

    Cheka Bracelet £5.00

    Maua Sandals £40.00

    Insta-worthy cactus.

    Need Inspo?

    Wild Home Online Instagram

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    Insta Love


    With all of the negativity floating around the blogosphere lately, I thought it would be nice to share some love instead. So, here are my top 5 accounts that I have been inspired by lately.

    1. ItslittleLauren

    This beautiful lady has taught me the importance of being open, honest and proud of who you are. Despite her daily struggles with M. E Lauren’s feed is filled with beautiful selfies, delicious Insta-worthy cupcakes and a pinch of reality for good measure.

    2. Hannahfgale
    I absolutely love Hannah’s effortless style and her personality shines throughout her feed. Another blogger keeping it real.



    Kindness is free, spread that stuff everywhere!

    3. Milkbubbletea

    Pure pastel perfection, beauty, fashion, flowers and Becky’s cute little sausage dog.




    4. Lovelystyle40

    Wife and mum of two Joanna proves that style really does come with age. Her love for all things fashion related clearly play a huge part in her feed, where she mixes high-end pieces with high street brands such as Primark.




    5. Tiffanytalesxo

    Fashion, fabulous flatlays, beauty and lots of dreamy pics. Tiffany’s feed has that girl next door vibe going on.




    Have Courage and be kind.

    What are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow? I hope this post has helped you to discover a few more inspirational ladies and that you all have a wonderful weekend. If you are new to blogging then please do not give up your dream of pursuing  it! The majority of us blogging folk are incredibly supportive and the great thing about blogging, is that there is room for us all.


    Love Emma



    Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees.


    When the film Confessions of a Shopaholic was released in  2009 little did I know that I too would become obsessed with shopping. Luckily, my addiction to buying nice things hasn’t resulted in any severe consequences like many young women. However with our wedding fast approaching the reality has begun to set in.


    So I thought I would set myself a challenge for the next 30 days to help me curb my impulse spending habits and hopefully encourage me to save! I will be keeping a diary from the 1st June which I am considering sharing with you, if you are interested.

    1. I will limit myself to one treat per month😩
    2. I will budget for events such as Birthday’s🎉
    3. I will switch to pack lunches oppose to daily meal deals from ‘Boots’ or Subway 🥗🌯sandwiches.
    4. I will stop ordering Papa John pizzas 🍕
    5. I will avoid the high street on my lunch break – This is a tough one as I work in retail.🛍
    6. I will create new looks with my current wardrobe.💃
    7. I will sell items if I wish to make a purchase👀
    8. No Bridal or Fashion Magazines👰💍
    9. I will put £10 in our Honeymoon Fund at least once a month.😊
    10. I will put a portion of my wages into my savings💰
    11. Continue to pay off credit card on time.💳
    12. I will ask myself do I really need it or can it wait?😂
    13. I will pay for things with cash and avoid using my card for contactless  payments🙊


    Some other useful tips from my lovely Twitter followers include:

    1. Meal prep your lunches at the weekend (or when you are free) instead of buying lunches when you’re at work everyday @RetroSnowflake🍱
    2. Write down everything that you spend from day-to-day for a week – when you look back you’ll be able to see areas where you can cut down @pollymaisie 😵


    Are you a shopaholic or a savvy saver? Do you have any tips I could try?

    Love Emma










    Summer Lovin: Latest Purchases

    I absolutely love reading these posts, so I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite fashion and beauty purchases from May.

    First up is this stunning floral wrap dress from Primark for £13 which caught my eye because of its gorgeous ruffles and Latin inspired style. Initially I was going to wear this to the Maison de Choup launch but decided to opt for jeans and a top combo due to the poor weather that was forecast for my journey up to London. However, I will definitely be wearing this in Mallorca later this year with a pair of black strappy heels.

    Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

    Next up is a few impulse beauty purchases. After being pampered by the lovely ladies at my local Benefit Brow Bar and Urban Decay prior to my trip up to London. I decided to invest in the following products.

    Urban Decay Total Pervision duo set £22

    Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray £23.50

    Benefit Gimme Brow £20

    The great thing is I was also given a free makeover by Urban Decay after purchasing two products, this was particularly enjoyable as I was able to attend the MDC launch looking lovely and glam thanks to the lovely Louise.


    Last but not least is this stunning tribal inspired print bikini from Accessorize. I really love bright colours and the pink tassels add just the right amount of sass to complete my beach look. I will be pairing this with a big floppy straw hat and a cheeky pina colada.


    These are just a small selection of my latest favourites. If you would like to see another post like this then please do leave a comment. I hope you are all having a lovely relaxing Bank Holiday.


    Love Emma



    Niver Dewdhek: A Cosy Cornish Cottage

    Number 12 – The perfect retreat.

    Niver Dewdhek or number 12 as it is more commonly known as in English is the perfect retreat if you are looking for a base that provides incredible views of the sea, whilst being situated in a local Cornish village. This delightful cottage can sleep up to 6 people and offers both modern and traditional features that make you feel right at home. The cottage has three floors and caters for your every need from a dishwasher, to the most basic of appliances. On colder evenings you can enjoy a glass of red by the fire or on sunnier days you can walk round the corner to the local harbour and explore what the local village of Mousehole has to offer.

    The perfect base for you in Mousehole.

    If you are looking for somewhere special to eat then I highly recommend the local 2 Fore Street Restaurant that offers both steak, incredible desserts and fresh fish dishes. The village of Mousehole also provides a post office, a lovely deli/coffee shop with produce from the local area or perhaps you would enjoy looking around my favourite gift shop ‘ The Mousehole’.

    My favourite local gift shop.

    If you are need of fresh veg then a 2 mile walk to Newlyn is a great way to stock up on essentials as it offers a lovely relaxing stroll past the sea and you can see right across the bay. If you wish to sample of the local fish specialities then ‘The Mackeral Sky seafood bar’ in Newlyn also serves tapas style dishes where you can enjoy as much or as little as you want.

    Enjoy a leisurely stroll down to Newlyn.

    Unlike most cottages,  Number 12 also provides plenty of games such as Scrabble or Trival Pursuit and a wide range of dvd’s to ensure that everyone is entertained on rainier days or perhaps you could take a trip to the Eden project which is a great day out for cooler days. I really can’t recommend this place highly enough, the cosy spacious bedrooms ensure a peaceful night’s sleep, whilst the kitchen provides the perfect setting for a family meal.

    For more information on this wonderful gem of a cottage then simply click on the link below where you can also find lots of lovely pictures too. Looking for a larger property? Don’t worry Aspect Holidays has plenty of wonderful properties across Cornwall to choose from.

    Useful Links

    Niver Dewdhek Cottage


    2 Fore Street Restaurant

    Mackeral Sky

    Hole Foods Deli and Cafe

    Eden Project

    Mousehole Harbour just around the corner from the cottage.
    Is it too early to book another stay here?

    Happy Holidays.

    Love Emma


    Don’t Forget to check out my post Cornish Delights for my top 5 places to visit whilst you stay here, to ensure you have the ultimate Cornish break.