• Ask and You Shall Receive…


    Superb food and brilliant customer service from the staff at your local ‘Ask’ Italian restaurant. Now when it comes to food you really can’t beat Italian cuisine, but with the world around us becoming increasingly stressful, we are constantly seeking new ways to escape our everyday stresses.

    Moreover, recent statistics seem to suggest that rising noise levels in your local pub/restaurant are making it harder for us to interact with our loved ones and of course, social media can add a whole other layer to our increasingly lonely and isolated world.


    But what if you are hard of hearing? What if you already struggle to hear and already feel isolated? What do you do then?

    As someone who has struggled with hearing loss since the age of approximately 18 months after losing some hearing due to numerous ear infections and a hearing aid user, I am pleased to say that my last few visits to ‘Ask’ have been both relaxed and enjoyable. After informing the waiter/waitress that I was hard of hearing they immediately asked what they could do to make my experience more enjoyable and accommodated my request to be sat away from the noisy area with other customers sat in front of me to help reduce background noise. Their friendly service immediately put me at ease and made the whole dinning experience one to remember for all the right reasons.

    Unfortunately, today’s highly saturated market place means that those who are operating predominantly in the catering business are constantly having to reinvent themselves and ensure that their brand is one that a consumer can differentiate from their competitors. This can result in numerous outlets that are designed to be aesthetically pleasing as oppose to a peaceful haven where one can connect and switch off from the days stresses.


    Couple this with my recent findings from a Twitter Poll and it does appear that the majority of the population would be less inclined to return to an establishment with excessive noise levels. 68% out of 40 people stated that they wouldn’t return to a pub or restaurant with excessive noise levels.

    Do you often struggle to socialise and interact with friends, family or colleagues in your local restaurant/pub? I would love to hear all about your own personal experiences.

    For more information on how you can take action and help to address these issues, check out the latest Speak Easy campaign.

    Love Emma





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