• Introducing Mal Paper – The Perfect Pink Planner

    I have always been a forward thinker. I loved tidying my room and rearranging my office at work, so when Ben, the co-founder of Mal Paper, a Swedish company reached out to me about their exciting new range of daily goal planners, I jumped at the chance to try one out in exchange for an honest review.

    Of course, planning is just one of my favourite things beginning with P, those that know me well will tell you that I also love the colour pink, so naturally I opted for their Pink Mal Daily Planner from their exciting new range, which also include grey and black for those of you who may prefer a monochrome aesthetic.

    One of the first things that I noticed about the Mal Paper Goal Setter, is the simple A5 compact design that makes it perfect for carrying around in your handbag or filling out on your commute to work. Being a Blogger, Wife and working in an office, I often keep lists for shopping and other things that I need to do, but I also love writing goals that I want to achieve throughout the year.

    Be SMART About Your Goals

    Unfortunately, like most people, I’ve never been very good at breaking these goals into smaller manageable chunks, so the Mal Paper goal setter is perfect, as it encourages you to set SMART objectives and then break them down into small-, medium- and long-term goals. A good example of this is my desire to finally pass my driving test, so my short term goal was to take some driving lessons, my medium term was to pass my theory and my long term was to pass my driving test. Already, I have achieved my short- and medium-term goals by adopting this planner and implementing its approach.

    Practice the Art of Gratitude

    Another thing that I loved about this planner, is that it includes pages with inspirational quotes on to help keep you motivated. I have always been a huge fan of inspirational quotes and often turn to Pinterest or Instagram for some daily motivation, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break from social media and start your day of with an altogether calmer approach.

    Invest in Your Mental Wellbeing

    After turning 30 in August, I am eager to start taking both my mental and physical health more seriously. I am already eating healthier, plan to start working out at the gym later this month and I’m actively taking steps towards improving my mental wellbeing.But like so many of you, I’m sure life can sometimes be a little hectic and so it’s easy for me to neglect. Thanks to my new Mal Planner though, I am reminded daily to be grateful for the things that life has blessed me with – family, good health, a great job, the blogging community and to forget about FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. After all, how many of us really spend all our time shopping, going abroad, drinking cocktails or partying? I will confess my Insta account is filled with some amazing snapshots from my life, but in-between I am cleaning the house, doing my food shop, working and lounging on the sofa catching up on the latest episodes of my favourite soaps.

    If you are looking for the perfect gift to get someone, are going back to Uni this month or, like me, you are already thinking about what to get people for Christmas, then the Mal Paper Goal-Setter is a great choice at £20.95 each. You can grab your own Mal Paper Goal setter here.

    Happy Planning

    Love La Blonde Voyage


    *The Mal Paper Planner was very kindly gifted to me. As always all opions and thoughts are my own.


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