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    With my holiday to Mallorca just around the corner, I am very excited about touching down and sipping on Piña Coladas by the poolside at our very own private villa. However, despite my experience working as cabin crew in previous years, I still managed to pack everything, all but the kitchen sink.

    So after watching various video on YouTube by Ingrid Nilsen I discovered the art to packing less was to purchase some magical packing cubes to help utilise the space in my suitcase. Of course, this method is only effective if you have a decent case to begin with, which is why I have also got the Tripp suitcase to go in the cabin.


    Packing Essentials

    Tripp Champagne Lite Cabin Case £52.00

    Pink Cherry Packing cubes (Set of 6) £7.99

    Travel Wallet (Similar here) Stradivarius £12.99

    P.S Don’t forget your Passport!


    If you would like to see a video on my channel on how I pack my case, then just leave a comment below. Happy Packing 🙂


    Love Emma









    Bedroom|Storage Solutions


    My bedroom has been lacking that cosy, relaxing retreat vibe for quite some time now and with so many affordable rose gold, fluffy throws and marble inspired pieces in Primark lately, not to mention some smart storage solutions for my shoes, jewellery and clothes at Ikea I was beginning to realise that a little lick of paint just wasn’t going to cut it.

    So if you are looking for some easy solutions to help you maximise your storage space and help you de-clutter your room and create that haven you have lusted over on Pinterest on a shoestring budget. Then read on!


    First up is your wardrobe, I personally find that I like to put my clothing in order of colour, but you may prefer to organise your garments into sections such as jeans, tops, dresses etc This is something that you can do without spending a penny.

    Next I decided to purchase some smart storage solutions for my shoes from Ikea to help me utilise the space on my top shelf more effectively.


    As for my drawers I have used storage cubes, again from Ikea to help me keep my garments clean and fresh and also to make locating a particular piece of clothing such as lingerie much more easier when on the go. I really love these as they also maximise the space more effectively.


    Next I tried to use my bookshelf to create a focal point that reflects my personality without looking messy. Notice the two storage baskets on the lower shelf, which are used to store beauty and bath products in as well. You can pick these up from Primark, another little gem.




    Last but not least is another storage solution from Ikea which is designed to keep your jewellery organised in your dressing table drawers. Unfortunately, my drawers are too small to hold this in, but this has proved incredibly useful for grabbing things on the go and currently sits on my dresser.




    Shop the Solutions

    Skubb Shoe Boxes £9 for a pack of 4

    Skubb Box: Set of 6 £6

    Grey drawer insert (similar here) £8

    Total cost of storage solutions = £23.00

    Have a great week,

    Love Emma


    Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and all of the products mentioned where purchased by myself.


    Summer Lovin: Latest Purchases

    I absolutely love reading these posts, so I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite fashion and beauty purchases from May.

    First up is this stunning floral wrap dress from Primark for £13 which caught my eye because of its gorgeous ruffles and Latin inspired style. Initially I was going to wear this to the Maison de Choup launch but decided to opt for jeans and a top combo due to the poor weather that was forecast for my journey up to London. However, I will definitely be wearing this in Mallorca later this year with a pair of black strappy heels.

    Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

    Next up is a few impulse beauty purchases. After being pampered by the lovely ladies at my local Benefit Brow Bar and Urban Decay prior to my trip up to London. I decided to invest in the following products.

    Urban Decay Total Pervision duo set £22

    Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray £23.50

    Benefit Gimme Brow £20

    The great thing is I was also given a free makeover by Urban Decay after purchasing two products, this was particularly enjoyable as I was able to attend the MDC launch looking lovely and glam thanks to the lovely Louise.


    Last but not least is this stunning tribal inspired print bikini from Accessorize. I really love bright colours and the pink tassels add just the right amount of sass to complete my beach look. I will be pairing this with a big floppy straw hat and a cheeky pina colada.


    These are just a small selection of my latest favourites. If you would like to see another post like this then please do leave a comment. I hope you are all having a lovely relaxing Bank Holiday.


    Love Emma



    Bloggers Block


    You may of noticed I have been rather quiet up until recently on my blog and social media, that is because life has simply got in the way and then I found myself suffering with ‘bloggers block’. Luckily I found these few tips helped me to kick-start my blog again and I also found my motivation and most importantly of all I fell in love with blogging all over again.

    1. Read other blogs by your favourite bloggers. I particularly love itslittlelauren Hannahgale and many more.
    2. Planning a wedding, found a new restaurant you love or perhaps you found a great bargain in Primark – then why not write about it?
    3. Go shopping for fashion inspiration.
    4. Take a trip to your local park for nature photography opportunities.
    5. Discover new blogs via Bloglovin or Twitter
    6. Listen to the news or read your local newspaper for issues that mean something to you.
    7. Carry a notepad and pen as inspiration can strike at anytime – The perfect excuse to stock up in Paperchase
    8. Relax and learn to switch off – I’m still working on this one.
    9. Listen to your favourite music or enjoy a nice relaxing bath.
    10. Create a space where you can work quietly – Primark is great for rose gold stationary and marble notepads.

    Hopefully this post will help you to find your blogging mojo or perhaps you have your own suggestions. I hope you all have a great week.


    Love Emma.



    Stocking Fillers For Her: Under £15

    After a lovely weekend up in Manchester with family, enjoying glasses of red wine and consuming Indian, Italian and good old British food. I thought it was about time I caught up and did a few posts for ‘Blogmas’.

    I think I am driving Alex mad with my enthusiasm for Christmas and feel like I am turning into Buddy from the film ‘Elf’, as every time we drove pass a house with lights on, I would literally jump with excitement and I couldn’t help but admire the Christmas trees everywhere I went. What is happening to me? I think taking part in this years ‘Blogmas’ has definitely helped to get me in the festive mood that’s for sure.

    But if you find yourself stressing about finding the perfect stocking filler or gift on a budget, then keep on reading as I have something for all of the special ladies your life from your Mum to your girlfriend and all for less than £15! If you want to purchase any of these lovely gifts, then all you have to do is click on the image – Happy shopping 🙂

    Yankee candle Christmas votive gift set £8.79


    Essie Christmas gift set £13.00


    Gothic Garden Case £8.50


    Pastel clouds umbrella £12.00


    Decorations £5.00


    I love the notepad designs in Accessorize so much! £10.00


    Doughnutz foldaway bag £4.50


    Sequin bobble hat £10.00


    So pretty! £7.00


    Silent night eyemask £8.00


    £3.50 These might be Men’s socks but they are too cute!


    Satsuma Lush bundle £7.95


    Luxury pink champagne chocolate truffles £10.00


    Just pink eau du parfume £8.00

    I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have. I would love to know in the comments below either what you are putting in your stockings or what you would like to receive.

    Love Emma