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    With my holiday to Mallorca just around the corner, I am very excited about touching down and sipping on Piña Coladas by the poolside at our very own private villa. However, despite my experience working as cabin crew in previous years, I still managed to pack everything, all but the kitchen sink.

    So after watching various video on YouTube by Ingrid Nilsen I discovered the art to packing less was to purchase some magical packing cubes to help utilise the space in my suitcase. Of course, this method is only effective if you have a decent case to begin with, which is why I have also got the Tripp suitcase to go in the cabin.


    Packing Essentials

    Tripp Champagne Lite Cabin Case £52.00

    Pink Cherry Packing cubes (Set of 6) £7.99

    Travel Wallet (Similar here) Stradivarius £12.99

    P.S Don’t forget your Passport!


    If you would like to see a video on my channel on how I pack my case, then just leave a comment below. Happy Packing 🙂


    Love Emma









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