• Christmas Beauty Essentials

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    With the Christmas office party just around the corner and cold Winter night’s, it got me thinking about my beauty essentials for the festive season. So today I thought I would share with you all, what’s on my list of beauty must have’s.


    1. STRUCTURE Smoothshock

    At the top of my list has to be this luxurious foam packed full of Abyssinian oil, which not only smells incredible, but also leaves my hair super soft and conditioned. I love using this when I am styling my hair, as it ensures my hair isn’t left feeling dry.

    2. Festive Nail Polish

    Red, berry, glitter or perhaps some festive nail art in the form of Santa, Rudolph or Frosty the snowman.

    3. Signature Scent

    This year my go to scent’s have included ‘Wood Sage and Sea Salt’ by Jo Malone, ‘Touch of Pink’ by Lacoste and ‘Si’ by Giorgio Aramani.

    4. Naked Heat Eye Palette

    This may be a palette for Summer, but I have loved using the brighter tones, to help create a warmer look for the colder season.

    5. Meltdown Make-up remover

    It is probably the last thing you feel like doing after a night out, but taking care of your skin is incredibly important, as it helps prevent ageing and provides the perfect foundation to your look.

    6. All Nighter setting spray

    Don’t forget some setting spray to make sure your make-up stays put after evening on the dance floor.

    7. XO Balm

    This multi-purpose product has you covered when it comes to dry cracked hands and chapped lips.

    8. Sparkle

    No Christmas outfit would be complete without a bit of added sparkle, this can be jewellery, a sequined top or perhaps a new clutch to hold all of your beauty essentials in.



    I hope you all have a wonderful week.




    What’s on your list this year for your Christmas beauty essentials?


    Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by STRUCTURE. All opinions remain my own and I chose the products mentioned in this post.


    Summer Beauty Essentials


    So as some of you may already know, last week I was very lucky and got a free beauty box from ‘Boots’ when I went in to buy a few Summer essentials for my upcoming canal holiday.

    Now if there is one thing that I absolutely love more than freebies, then it is trying new things especially beauty products and as bizarre as it may sound this actually inspired me to write about my ‘Summer Beauty Essentials’. I know completely random – but that’s me. So let’s get to it shall we?

    Liz Earle - A Skincare Essential!
    Liz Earle – A Skincare Essential!

    First up, I want to talk about Liz Earle who I cannot believe I didn’t know existed until last year. I know, what planet have I been on? Liz Earle is so perfect, I could rave about it all year if you let me. As someone with super sensitive skin, this is an absolute godsend to me. It makes my skin feel amazing and so fresh. It’s also great for removing waterproof makeup without leaving my skin all sore and dry. Also if you buy three products you usually get a few freebies – perfect if you want some travel size beauties.

    After trying their cleanse and polish range, I thought I would give their hand-cream a try, personally I am not mad keen on the scent but it does leave your hands feeling silky smooth and you don’t need too much which has got to be a plus right?

    This smells divine
    This smells divine

    I have always been a huge fan of the ‘Champneys’ range and this was no exception. I am so glad Boots included this little gem in their beauty box. It smells so summery and it has a really nice consistency to it which means your skin is left feeling moisturised without feeling greasy.

    Olay - Perfect for sensitive skin.
    Olay – Perfect for sensitive skin.

    My Mum has always stressed the importance of a good skincare routine from a young age and I have to say she has got incredible skin. Unfortunately, I am unable to use the regular anti-ageing products as my skin tends to react to them. However, Olay’s standard beauty fluid is so gentle I can use it twice a day and it provides the perfect foundation for my makeup.

    Protection from the sun is crucial for the prevention of ageing.
    Protection from the sun is crucial for the prevention of ageing.

    I haven’t actually used these products yet. But I am looking forward to trying them, especially the sun cream as you can apply it under your makeup, meaning there is no excuse not to wear sun protection.

    A little thought for the day.
    A little thought for the day.


    OK so this a boring one, but this was actually recommended to me by my dentist and it is great for the prevention of cavities and makes my teeth super white, at a fraction of the cost of standard teeth whitening treatments – result!

    Jo Malone - Summer in a bottle.
    Jo Malone – Summer in a bottle.

    My all time favorite scent has got to be the ‘Wood Sage and Sea Salt’ cologne by Jo Malone. It smells so fresh and although I promised myself it would be kept purely for special occasions, owning to the fact that it is quite dear in price. I have actually found myself being unable to resist reaching for the bottle on a daily, if not constant basis. What I love most about it, is that I find that it instantly lifts my mood and I often find myself being swept away to some distant shore, where the only thing that lies beneath me is the sand between my toes and the smell of palm trees and a cold Pina Colada – ahhhh 🙂

    Have a great weekend :)
    Have a great weekend 🙂

    Have you enjoyed this Post? I am off to Bath next week on my first ever Canal Hols. Would you like to see some more travel related or beauty posts? Comment below and let me know what you would like to see next on the blog. Until then have a great weekend.

    Love Emma