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    Christmas Time.


    Today’s ‘Blogmas’ post has a bit of a nostalgic theme to it, as we turn back time and talk about Christmases that have been and gone. After seeing ‘The Christmas Tag’ post over on Paige’s blog, I was inspired to write my own. Apologise in advance for the poor picture quality of some  of the images, but they are over 20 years old a lot of them.

    What is your favourite Christmas movie/s?

    I have several films that I like to watch over the festive period. However, if I could only choose one, then it would defiantly have to be ‘Home Alone’ starring Macalulay Culkin. My favourite part has got be when he sets lots of traps around the house for Harry and Marv.

    Just a small selection.


    Do you open your Christmas presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

    As a child, I would wake up really early on Christmas morning and find my stocking at the end of my bed and then me and my Sister would go sit on the end of our parent’s bed and open our stockings together. Afterwards, we would rush downstairs to open the gifts underneath the Christmas tree. Over the last few years, me and my Fiance have started exchanging stockings on Christmas Eve and then we also open presents from extended family after Christmas day.

    My first Christmas.

    Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

    I have so many wonderful Christmas memories  which include going to visit Santa, looking through the Argos catalogue with my Dad and writing my list to Santa, leaving a mince-pie, a glass of milk and a carrot out for the big guy as well as taking part in the school nativity play as an angel.

    That time Santa came to my house.


    Favourite festive food?

    Tubs of Quality Street, Marzipan fruits, Christmas Dinner, satsumas and Christmas pudding with Baileys brandy butter. The annual Boxing day buffet tradition is always a firm favourite as well!

    Boxing day buffet.

    Favourite festive gift?

    I have been so lucky over the years, but I really loved my Barbie house and horse as a child, Furby, a cooker and in recent years Lush, my Pandora bracelet and my little Toby Bear (Westie) This year the best gift will be a Christmas spent at home with my fiancé Al, my family and Toby.

    Lovely Lush.


    Favourite Christmas scent?

    Hmm this is a lot harder than I thought, Satsumas, Christmas dinner and Christmas Lush products.


    Toby’s first Christmas.

    Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

    We usually watch a Christmas film and in recent years me and Al open our stockings. Me and Mum also have a glass of Baileys.

    What tops your tree?

    This year we have a pretty gold star that tops our tree. Over the year’s we have also had a Christmas angel and Father Christmas.

    As a child what was the one crazy/extravagant gift that you asked for but never received? I always used to ask for a mobile car, but due to being a tall child it wasn’t really very practical.

    What’s the best part about Christmas for you?

    Quality time with family, eating good food and just relaxing after the festive build up.


    Christmas selfie 2015


    I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have writing it. Don’t forget tomorrow it is ‘Christmas jumper day’ if you need some last-minute inspiration then make sure you check out my previous post and don’t forget to donate to Save the Children to help raise money for those in need.


    Love Emma









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