• Fashion Unites: A Guest Post


    Unfortunately, society today is becoming increasingly hostile, political agendas are dividing communities, religious individuals are being discriminated against and used as scapegoats to help excuse  the ideological views of a few extremists and we are all rapidly falling down the rabbit hole towards self-destruction.

    However, despite all of the emotions flying around, the UK has also shown patriotic pride, empathy and above all a sense of unity when it comes to facing recent tragic events in Manchester and London to name just a few.

    Another subject matter that I believe unites us all is ‘fashion’! It was this exact thought, that led to my inspiration for this very post. So without further ado let me introduce to you, these fabulous ladies.



    1. What makes you unique? Do you have a special talent? Have you faced a disability or overcome a hurdle in life?

     My style is very bold and colourful. I love colour blocking and experimenting with colours. I’m not afraid to push the boundaries and be me! I think the hurdle in life would be that people, some people have stereotyped me, but I have learnt that it’s ok to be you!

    2. What is your favourite thing/place in the whole world?

    I love being surrounded by my loved ones (family and friends)

    3. What would you change about society?

    One thing I would change is stereotyping and I would like it if everyone could get along and could be happy.

    4. What do you love/ dislike about fashion?

    What I love about fashion is that there are no rules, so you can be you and rock it!

    5. How would you describe your style?

    Colourful/Bold/Colour blocking



    What makes you unique? Do you have a special talent? Have you faced a disability or overcome a hurdle in life?

    I think what makes me unique is that I don’t let other people’s opinions dictate how I live my life. In today’s society, people are so concerned about their “‘reputation” and how others see them. I stray away from being a “people pleaser.” You either love me for who I am or you don’t.

    I do have a special talent, if you can call it that. I love to sing but, I’m not much  of a spotlight person so you’ll never hear me singing in public.

    A hurdle that I’ve overcome is learning to deal with my depression in a positive way. It’s not an easy thing to deal with and you can’t just get over it. It’s something that you have to live with day in and day out. Being a full time college student, working, and trying to have a personal life is totally different when you are suffering from depression. I’m proud to say that I’ve learned to deal with it effectively without medication.

    2. What is your favourite thing/place in the whole world?

    If I had to pick my favourite place in the whole world, I would probably say home. By home, I mean wherever my parents are living at the time. I love being around them; they are my absolute best friends and I know that I’ll have a good time with them no matter what.

    3. What would you change about society?

    If I could change one thing about society, it would be the way we speak to each other. I believe that people have gotten more and more hostile and all of that negative energy just takes a toll on all of us even if we don’t feel it. I’ve started removing toxic people from my life and it’s been one of the best decisions thus far. In general I feel happier.

    4. What do you love/ dislike about fashion?

    I love that you can easily be a trendsetter with fashion. There are just so many ways that you can put pieces of clothing together. I’m a very colourful person and I love putting colours together in a scheme, that people wouldn’t think would match but, it all depends on how you wear it. There’s nothing that I dislike about fashion but, that could be different for everyone.

    5. How would you describe your style?

    My style is colourful and vibrant, yet simple. I’m not into all of the bling and accessories as much as I used to be. I’ve toned down a lot to just silver or gold accessories. However, my clothing itself is always colourful and I try to coordinate my outfits in a way that will standout to people.



    1.What makes you unique? Do you have a special talent? Have you faced a disability or overcome a hurdle in life?

    I was diagnosed at the age of 5 approximately with a hearing loss and have worn two hearing aids since. Despite my initial struggles as a child, I managed to adapt and went on to obtain a 2:1 in Business Studies and Hospitality management. I have also worked as cabin crew and have overcome many hurdles related to my hearing loss throughout my life. Whilst, I wouldn’t say I am particularly talented, blogging has been a great way for me to gain confidence, build upon my existing skills in marketing, social media and photography.

    2. What is your favourite thing/place in the whole world?

    My favourite place apart from at home with my family is Mallorca. I have been travelling to Mallorca across various parts since I was 8 years old.

    3. What would you change about society?

    If I could change one thing about society it would be to be more tolerant, kind, forgiving and patient. Sadly, the world is a very judgemental place and our differences seem to divide us.

    4. What do you love/ dislike about fashion?

    I love how diverse fashion is and how certain trends come back round again and get reinvented. What I dislike about the industry is the unrealistic benchmarks it sets for young women and how damaging such expectations can be for a healthy body image. However, recent developments would suggest that the future for fashion is a promising one and I have high hopes that the marketing of trends and garments will be adapted to portray individuals as such.

    5. How would you describe your style?

    Whilst my style is constantly evolving, my love for bright bold prints and florals appears to be a constant one that has stayed with me throughout much of my life.



    1.What makes you unique? Do you have a special talent? Have you faced a disability or overcome a hurdle in life?

    I don’t think I can answer any of these questions, haha! I Think I am very lucky that I haven’t had to overcome any hurdles in my life yet, but I’m sure I will one day.

    2. What is your favourite thing/place in the whole world?

    This absolutely has to be ‘New York City’ I know a lot of people say this, but I can understand why. I have always loved New York, it is such a beautiful place and I have always wanted to live there one day. I finally got the chance to visit in January and I fell in love with it even more, if that’s even possible. The atmosphere, the sights and the people are so full of life and just walking down one street you get a sense of energy and positive vibes that I’ve never felt anywhere else. London is also up there as one of my favourite places because there is nothing I love more than a busy city, but New York is on a whole different level. I just felt so inspired in the City and I can’t wait until I can visit again.

    3. What would you change about society?

    In regards to fashion, I would defiantly change how society shops and how we view fashion as a whole. I’m not a big fan of fast fashion trend we’ve transitioned into. Unfortunately, as a student, it is so much easier to shop mainstream trends from high street retailers because they are so much cheaper and easier to access. Bespoke designs are few and far between and therefore tend to be far more expensive. However, I know that if this industry didn’t exist then I defiantly wouldn’t have a job. I do believe that society needs to transition back to  time when there where only two seasons and two periods throughout the year when new products would be produced, oppose to the current weekly turnover of mass-produced garments. This would be far more beneficial to the fashion industry and everyone that works within it, but for now I think society is enjoying disposable fashion at their reach, which is something I will just have to learn to live with.

    4. What do you love/ dislike about fashion?

    I have always loved fashion. I found some of my old school work recently and when I was 10 my dream job was a fashion designer. I think when you’re young that’s the only job you think exists in the industry. However, as I have matured I have come to the realisation that this is most defiantly not the case. I still very much want to work within this sector, but I would prefer to focus more on the business aspects. I love fashion because it inspires so many people regardless of their background and consequently provides the very foundation that connects us all. The industry is incredibly exciting and I love the atmosphere that surrounds it all. This is a subject matter that I could talk about forever as it is something that I am very passionate about.

    When it comes to focusing on what I dislike about fashion, this is something that I have great difficulty doing. However, I think I would have to say that when you are growing up, fashion can place a great deal of pressure on you to follow trends and conform to society’s expectations of you. Trying to fit in and discover your own style can be tough for the younger generation and can make what is already challenging time in one’s life even harder to deal with.

    5. How would you describe your style?

    I think I have a very casual style. I don’t really fit into one ‘style’ as much. I just tend to wear whatever I’m in the mood for. One day I might be dressed more feminine and the next I could be wearing a sports look, it’s just whatever I’m in the mood for to be honest.




    1. What makes you unique? Do you have a special talent? Have you faced a disability or overcome a hurdle in life?

    I would say that my passion for art makes me unique, and by art I don’t just mean those oil paintings of landscapes you find in traditional galleries, I mean every form of art from drawing and painting to photography, to film to fashion to writing, creations excite me immensely. I am talented as an artist with drawing and painting but also with designing and creating fashion garments. My passion is fashion that tells a story about the person wearing it, that communicates the thoughts and feelings of the person and their views and perhaps unpopular opinions on things in our society. I have certainly overcome hurdles with my anxiety as talking to people has always been difficult for me but I feel that through art and my own fashion designs and garments I can communicate what I want to say without my social anxiety getting in the way of me doing so.

    2. What is your favourite thing/place in the whole world?

    One of my favourite places that I have ever been to is Menorca. Menorca is an incredibly beautiful and peaceful island filled with culture, nature and stunning Mediterranean architecture. The aesthetic of the white buildings and colourful sky in the evenings gives the whole place a calm vibe; an ideal time and place for reflection and relaxation. The most inspirational place to me is London. Seeing so many people going about their day-to-day lives encourages me to live my life to the fullest and embrace the beauty in such a busy city that is always full of energy. The diversity in the architecture and people radiates artistic inspiration.

    3. What would you change about society?

    If I could then I would stop judgement in our society. People shouldn’t have to think twice about how they look in the fear of people judging them and being nasty or discriminating to them. I strongly believe that everyone has the right to express themselves whether that be through art, writing, or the way they dress and present themselves, nothing should stop you from being you and showing off who you are with pride. Unfortunately people do stop others from doing this by lowering their self-esteem with bullying and unpleasant comments. This needs to stop!

    4. What do you love/ dislike about fashion?

    I love that fashion is a form of expression and a way to say who you are without having to speak. Fashion is an art form that takes a lot of time, creativity, patience and skill to create and I dislike that some people do not appreciate that when they see or buy clothes, particularly by designer brands who price their garments at “ridiculous” prices. What these people are failing to understand is the thought and idea behind every stitch and seam and the hours of work gone into the design and then the creation of it, the mind-boggling concept of the collections made to make a difference in our society and allow the quiet to speak out.

    5. How would you describe your style?

    My style is a bit all over the place. My wardrobe varies from cosy, oversized pastel sweaters to elegant lace/ crochet tops and I honestly just wear whatever I feel like wearing that day. As I look through my clothes in the mornings I tend to ask myself “is this how I’m feeling today?” So one day I could be head to toe in the casual black with trainers and the next day I could be in sophisticated embroidery and smart boots, also, whenever it is that I’m going doesn’t often have an effect on what I wear so you would probably find me wearing both of these outfits at the same place doing the same thing. Overall, my style is comfortable and semi on trend. As a student with little money I can not afford to always keep up with the hottest trends in what I wear therefore I often buy neutral clothes that are fashionable and current but that I know will stay on trend for a fair while and I avoid items that I can predict will soon go out of fashion.



    “Why fit in, when you were born to stand out.” – Anna Wintour



    “People will stare, make it worth their while.” – Tom Ford

    A huge thank you to all of these special ladies for taking part in my first ever guest post. It has been so much fun working with you all and I hope you the readers love it, just as much as  we have.


    Love from us all



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    1. July 2, 2017 / 4:17 pm

      A fantastic post! Very inspiring and interesting. It was great to read the views of other bloggers. Thank you! 🙂

      • Emma
        July 2, 2017 / 6:42 pm

        Thank you 😊 I’m really pleased you enjoyed it. You are more than welcome! Thank you for being a part of it. Xx Have a lovely evening.

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