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    You have found the one – Now what? (Venue Site Visit)

    So you have finally found that perfect venue for your big day and have booked your first venue visit. Exciting times are ahead, but before you go slipping into your dreamy ‘Pininterest’ inspired world of…

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    Stress Free Packing – Manchester Weekend Break

    Do you often find yourself packing everything, apart from the kitchen sink?  After many years of over packing and being that person you see at the airport struggling to drag or carry their case, I…

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    Getting to know me – 50 Facts about the girl behind the blog.

      My name is Emma. I am 26 years old. At 18 months I lost some hearing due to reoccurring tonsillitis. I wear two hearing-aids. I have 2:1 Degree in Hospitality and Business Management .…

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    Style Reinvented

    If you are anything like me, then chances are you have a whole closet full of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Yet you still find yourself muttering those famous words to yourself yet again –…

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    How to find the one.

    Searching for the perfect wedding venue is without a doubt one of the most important decisions that you will make throughout your entire engagement. Not only will it dictate the feel for the entire day,…

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