• Getting to know me – 50 Facts about the girl behind the blog.



    1. My name is Emma.
    2. I am 26 years old.
    3. At 18 months I lost some hearing due to reoccurring tonsillitis.
    4. I wear two hearing-aids.
    5. I have 2:1 Degree in Hospitality and Business Management .
    6. I absolutely love dogs! Especially my little Toby Bear.
    7. I have worked as Cabin Crew.
    8. I love Spicy Food – Indian Curry.
    9. I am Engaged to Al and we are getting married in 2018.
    10. I love shopping.
    11. My favourite television programme is ‘Home and Away’.
    12. My star sign is: Leo.
    13. I am right – handed.
    14. I am 5ft 10in without heels.
    15. I still haven’t passed my driving test yet.
    16. I am obsessed with Lush.
    17. When I was younger I wanted to be a Midwife or Doctor.
    18. I nearly decided to study Spanish at University.
    19. I originally wanted to live in Mallorca.
    20. I am Petrified of snakes.
    21. My favourite colour is Pink.
    22. My lucky number is 13.
    23. My dream job is to be a Wedding Planner.
    24. I really want to do a skydive.
    25. I want to travel to Australia and do Route 66 in America.
    26. I am terrible at sign language – I actually speak more Spanish.
    27. I love listening to Trance, Classical, Rock and Jazz music.
    28. I went to my first ever music concert earlier this year.
    29. I love cookie dough ice cream.
    30. Lucozade is my weakness.
    31. My dream car is a Porsche 911.
    32. I am currently having orthodontic treatment for my teeth (braces).
    33. I love to have fun and I am a big kid at heart.
    34. My favourite subjects at school were Art, Spanish, Science and Business.
    35. I am often told I’m too polite.
    36. I hate rude people, people who don’t indicate when driving and loud people.
    37. I am a fussy eater and yet I love Italian and Tapas.
    38. I hate Chicken.
    39. I met my Fiancé online.
    40. I love swimming in the sea.
    41. I am not a morning person.
    42. I want to have two children.
    43. I would love to live abroad when I am older.
    44. I still want to become fluent in Spanish.
    45. My family/friends call me Emz/Emmy/Emmsy.
    46. I suffer from migraines.
    47. My favourite bloggers are Fleurdeforce, Tanya Burr, Mimi Ikoon, Milk Bubble Tea, Pearls and Poodles, Hannah Gale and its little Lauren.
    48. I can eat with both my left and right hand.
    49. I love Liz Earle Skincare.
    50. I have one older Sister who is 10 years older than me.

    I hope you have enjoyed this post. What do you guys like/dislike? Have a great week. I will be back on the blog on Friday.

    Love Emma



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