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    My bedroom has been lacking that cosy, relaxing retreat vibe for quite some time now and with so many affordable rose gold, fluffy throws and marble inspired pieces in Primark lately, not to mention some smart storage solutions for my shoes, jewellery and clothes at Ikea I was beginning to realise that a little lick of paint just wasn’t going to cut it.

    So if you are looking for some easy solutions to help you maximise your storage space and help you de-clutter your room and create that haven you have lusted over on Pinterest on a shoestring budget. Then read on!


    First up is your wardrobe, I personally find that I like to put my clothing in order of colour, but you may prefer to organise your garments into sections such as jeans, tops, dresses etc This is something that you can do without spending a penny.

    Next I decided to purchase some smart storage solutions for my shoes from Ikea to help me utilise the space on my top shelf more effectively.


    As for my drawers I have used storage cubes, again from Ikea to help me keep my garments clean and fresh and also to make locating a particular piece of clothing such as lingerie much more easier when on the go. I really love these as they also maximise the space more effectively.


    Next I tried to use my bookshelf to create a focal point that reflects my personality without looking messy. Notice the two storage baskets on the lower shelf, which are used to store beauty and bath products in as well. You can pick these up from Primark, another little gem.




    Last but not least is another storage solution from Ikea which is designed to keep your jewellery organised in your dressing table drawers. Unfortunately, my drawers are too small to hold this in, but this has proved incredibly useful for grabbing things on the go and currently sits on my dresser.




    Shop the Solutions

    Skubb Shoe Boxes £9 for a pack of 4

    Skubb Box: Set of 6 £6

    Grey drawer insert (similar here) £8

    Total cost of storage solutions = £23.00

    Have a great week,

    Love Emma


    Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and all of the products mentioned where purchased by myself.


    Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees.


    When the film Confessions of a Shopaholic was released in  2009 little did I know that I too would become obsessed with shopping. Luckily, my addiction to buying nice things hasn’t resulted in any severe consequences like many young women. However with our wedding fast approaching the reality has begun to set in.


    So I thought I would set myself a challenge for the next 30 days to help me curb my impulse spending habits and hopefully encourage me to save! I will be keeping a diary from the 1st June which I am considering sharing with you, if you are interested.

    1. I will limit myself to one treat per month😩
    2. I will budget for events such as Birthday’s🎉
    3. I will switch to pack lunches oppose to daily meal deals from ‘Boots’ or Subway 🥗🌯sandwiches.
    4. I will stop ordering Papa John pizzas 🍕
    5. I will avoid the high street on my lunch break – This is a tough one as I work in retail.🛍
    6. I will create new looks with my current wardrobe.💃
    7. I will sell items if I wish to make a purchase👀
    8. No Bridal or Fashion Magazines👰💍
    9. I will put £10 in our Honeymoon Fund at least once a month.😊
    10. I will put a portion of my wages into my savings💰
    11. Continue to pay off credit card on time.💳
    12. I will ask myself do I really need it or can it wait?😂
    13. I will pay for things with cash and avoid using my card for contactless  payments🙊


    Some other useful tips from my lovely Twitter followers include:

    1. Meal prep your lunches at the weekend (or when you are free) instead of buying lunches when you’re at work everyday @RetroSnowflake🍱
    2. Write down everything that you spend from day-to-day for a week – when you look back you’ll be able to see areas where you can cut down @pollymaisie 😵


    Are you a shopaholic or a savvy saver? Do you have any tips I could try?

    Love Emma