• A Lot can Happen in a Year!

    Follow Your Dreams!

    On the 31st May 2016, I finally took the plunge into the blogosphere and what a fantastic year it has been. In the last 365 days I have worked with some incredible brands such as Franchetti Bond and people such as Matt from Vits and Kicks I attended my first blogging event up in London for the Maison de choup launch and I have met some wonderful people on Twitter who never fail to inspire me. Blogging was supposed to be a creative outlet, a way for me to channel my thoughts and feelings. Never in a million years did I think it would grow to be something that has the potential to take me places I could never of dreamt of.


    Despite the negativity surrounding the industry lately and a certain Cosmo post bringing everyone down, I am determined to continue my exciting journey, not for the followers, likes or freebies but because for me blogging gave me something money can’t buy – confidence and happiness. Because of blogging I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and mixed with total strangers, I have been able to channel my love for marketing in my product reviews and it has made me realise that dreams are there to be pursued and to give us all hope.

    Maison de Choup Launch.

    What made you start blogging? I would love to be to know what you have discovered or gained from the blogging world.


    Love Emma



    Step into the unknown.




    Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees.


    When the film Confessions of a Shopaholic was released in  2009 little did I know that I too would become obsessed with shopping. Luckily, my addiction to buying nice things hasn’t resulted in any severe consequences like many young women. However with our wedding fast approaching the reality has begun to set in.


    So I thought I would set myself a challenge for the next 30 days to help me curb my impulse spending habits and hopefully encourage me to save! I will be keeping a diary from the 1st June which I am considering sharing with you, if you are interested.

    1. I will limit myself to one treat per month😩
    2. I will budget for events such as Birthday’s🎉
    3. I will switch to pack lunches oppose to daily meal deals from ‘Boots’ or Subway 🥗🌯sandwiches.
    4. I will stop ordering Papa John pizzas 🍕
    5. I will avoid the high street on my lunch break – This is a tough one as I work in retail.🛍
    6. I will create new looks with my current wardrobe.💃
    7. I will sell items if I wish to make a purchase👀
    8. No Bridal or Fashion Magazines👰💍
    9. I will put £10 in our Honeymoon Fund at least once a month.😊
    10. I will put a portion of my wages into my savings💰
    11. Continue to pay off credit card on time.💳
    12. I will ask myself do I really need it or can it wait?😂
    13. I will pay for things with cash and avoid using my card for contactless  payments🙊


    Some other useful tips from my lovely Twitter followers include:

    1. Meal prep your lunches at the weekend (or when you are free) instead of buying lunches when you’re at work everyday @RetroSnowflake🍱
    2. Write down everything that you spend from day-to-day for a week – when you look back you’ll be able to see areas where you can cut down @pollymaisie 😵


    Are you a shopaholic or a savvy saver? Do you have any tips I could try?

    Love Emma










    Cornish Delights: Top 5

    After a lovely relaxing and action – packed week in Cornwall with Al and his family, I thought I would share with you all, some of the best things to see, do and eat next time you are in the area. If you would like any further information on each place then all you have to do is either click on the picture or relevant link – Enjoy!

    Exploring the Mediterranean biome.

    2 Fore Street

    At the top of my list has to be this lovely little restaurant situated in Mousehole. Whilst, the waiting times were rather long, the food was defiantly worth waiting for. Not only was the ambience incredibly relaxing , it also provided the perfect laid back vibe for a 30th Birthday celebratory meal during our stay. Of Course, the high standard of the food and the incredible flavours did entice me and may have resulted in me sampling a few more dishes less than 24 hours later.

    Pavlova with poached pear.

    Eden Project

    After visiting the tropical rainforests of eden just over two-year’s ago, I was incredibly excited to discover that my favourite attraction in Cornwall had also extended their sky walkway and despite being disappointed with the rainforest lookout being closed due to high levels of humidity, the wobbly bridge and steam clouds more than made up for this. I thoroughly enjoyed my last day in Cornwall at this stunning place and the pasta at their Med Terrace restaurant in the mediterranean biome was both reasonable in price and delicious. Of course, no trip to eden is complete without a Roskilly’s ice cream and a visit to the gift shop.

    The Eden Project.
    The rainforest biome is incredible.

    Minack Theatre

    After walking down to the gorgeous beach of Porthcurno and sampling a Cornish cream tea, I thought my day couldn’t get any better. But once I had reached the top, the views were absolutely breathtaking and the theatre visit was an educational experience that was surprisingly very enjoyable. This is defiantly a place worth exploring for the views alone and at £5 per adult this is a great day out if you are on a tight budget.

    A lovely place to enjoy a beach walk.


    Porthcurno Beach.
    Porthcurno Beach.


    Minnack Theatre offers breath-taking views out to sea.


    St Michael’s Mount

    The walk along the causeway was an experience in itself and once I Stepped onto St Michael’s mount it was as though I had been transported through time, I was greeted with cobbled lined streets, stunning gardens filled with an abundance of flowers, trees and plants and a 17th Century castle. Whilst, the prices to explore the castle are a very respectable £9.50 per adult, it is worth considering signing up to the national trust membership if you plan on visiting more of their attractions. Me and Al decided to sign up for as little as £9 a month for both of us and it meant that we can visit over 500 of the national trust sites as many times as we want throughout the year at no extra cost. It also includes free parking, a handbook to help us plan our trips as well as many other exclusive offers.

    More beautiful blooms.
    The stunning stained glass designs in the church.


    St Ives

    This picturesque fishing village and seaside town is the perfect place to enjoy a pint or simply explore the independent boutiques and shops. The St Ives Bay line also offers a scenic route from as little as £4 return during off – peak times.

    A train ride like no other.
    St Ives harbour.

    Cornwall has always been a favourite place of mine since I was a child. However, Cornwall has not only captured my heart but it has also left me with lasting memories that are sure to stay with me in many years to come. Have you been to Cornwall? I would love to hear any recommendations that you may have, as me and Al are planning another visit later this year as we can’t wait to go back!

    Love Emma


    This is not a sponsored post and all the views and opinions expressed are solely mine.