• Sweet Dreams



    Tired of walking around in a zombie like state at work? Suffer with Insomnia? Fed up of feeling lethargic? Then here are some tips that I have tried out, which I guarantee will have your head hitting the pillow like sleeping beauty.


    • Run yourself a nice warm bath and add some Radox for a nice relaxing soak
    • Cut out caffeine after 5pm
    • Keep a diary or notepad by your bed to help you jot down those last-minute important details
    • Spray some ‘This Work’s lavender spray on your pillow
    • Have a social free hour before bed and read a book instead.


    • Massage some ‘sleepy’ body lotion on from ‘Lush’
    • Invest in some cute PJ’s

    If all else fails then consider doing night shifts like your’s truely. I am working 6pm to 6am, now if that doesn’t make me tired, then what will? Do you have any tips for a good night’s sleep?


    Happy Monday