• 30 Tips For Spring Flatlays

    1. Check out DIY stores for wallpaper samples that can be used for your flatlay backgrounds.
    2. Use white bed sheets, marble notepads or a wooden kitchen work surface to help minimise background noise.
    3. Shoot in natural light or download the lightroom app.
    4. Pick a theme – Easter, Pastels, Mothering Sunday, Flowers or Pancake day.
    5. Have a box full of faux flowers, ribbon, faux petals, rose gold paperclips, cute postcards or perhaps some colourful confetti.
    6. Use party rings, mini eggs or cupcakes for your pastel themed posts.
    7. PicLab is great for Spring themed quotes.
    8. Repix can add pretty flares over the top of your image.
    9. Use spring blooms such as tulips, daffodil’s, bluebells or roses
    10. Remember to leave space between your props to avoid a chaotic look.
    11. Shoot from a birds eye view.
    12. If using an iPhone then use the Square setting.
    13. Add texture – pastel faux fur throws, floral scarfs or straw.
    14. Seek inspiration from your favourite bloggers.
    15. Seek inspiration from Pinterest.
    16. Read blog posts on how to create a beautiful flatlay.
    17. If sharing a spring recipe consider including wooden chopping boards, a cookbook, various ingredients and the finished product against a marble work surface.
    18. Decide what your main product is going to be and place it in the centre or slightly to one side.
    19. Practice makes perfect.
    20. Include spring themed hashtags #springflatlays # pastelaesthetic #alltheprettythings #springvibes
    21. If featuring coffee include your hands to create a sense reality for the viewer.
    22. Include fresh fruit, herbs, candles or coffee.
    23. Shoot outdoors if the weather permits.
    24. Use blue tack to hold down props.
    25. If featuring a lipstick, include a magazine, flowers that match the same colour palette or books.
    26. Shoot food such as stacked pancakes from an angle.
    27. Include a spring screenshot or a pastel phone case if including your phone.
    28. Shoot from different angles and play around with positioning or backgrounds.
    29. Be original.
    30. Check out some of my favourite flatlay accounts – KatieKirkLoves, Sashatortuya, Wanderlustruby, thingsiloveandmycat and lotta_hagen.

    This post turned out to be a lot harder than I was expecting, which is why there are some general flatlay tips as well. I hope you have still found this useful. Unfortunately, today’s weather was awful and so the images that I shot have come out a lot darker than I hoped. If you can afford to then, I would also recommend investing in some camera lights as well.

    Hope you all have a great week.

    Love Emma



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