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Wild Home Bracelets

Tassles, Beads and Prints – Just a few of my favourite things.

When the lovely Hannah from Wild Home contacted me about their beautiful sustainable products and asked if I would like to review some of their gorgeous accessories, I was thrilled. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as I was jetting off to sunny Mallorca for a 2 week stay in a Spanish villa complete with its own pool later that week.

Villa Décor.

Whilst, browsing the Wild Home online store I was greeted with an array of beautiful bright bold colours and unique designs. I instantly fell in love with the Maua sandals as they had been lovingly made by a local Kenyan artisan, which meant that I could step our in style knowing that whilst I was updating my wardrobe, a very talented individual was also benefitting at the same time. Despite packing enough shoes for two weeks, the Maua sandals ended up replacing them all and proved to be great for walks around Alcudia old Town, the beach as well as for walks back from the marina in the evening.

When Hannah told me to send her my wishlist, I wasn’t expecting to get the sandals, so when these arrived in the post along with some stunning bracelets in two of my favourite colours ( blue and pink) I felt incredibly lucky. The great thing about Wild Home online is that not only does each item tell a different story, but they also try to ensure that all of their products are made from natural and sustainable materials. I can’t recommend this fabulous store enough and if you are looking for a unique Christmas gift for your loved one’s, then make sure you check out their new arrivals.

Wild Home OOTD

Just another evening in Mallorca.

Beaded Maua Sandals

Palm Springs.

Beaded Floral Sandals

Take a walk on the wild side.

Holiday Accessories.

Sunny days.

I love these sandals so much!

Beautiful Bougainvillea.

Feeling Wild?

Chunky Rafiki Bracelet £15.00

Cheka Bracelet £5.00

Maua Sandals £40.00

Insta-worthy cactus.

Need Inspo?

Wild Home Online Instagram

Wild Home Online Twitter




  • This post in sponsored by Wild Home Online. All thoughts are my own and I only ever work with brands that I love.



Coco Bay Swimwear Wishlist.

With our wedding planning well and truly under way and less than a year until our big day. Al and I have turned our attention to potential honeymoon destinations for our trip of a lifetime.

Santorini, Tuscany, Maldives you name it we have considered it and whilst we haven’t booked anything yet, we have managed to pin down the Caribbean as a serious contender.

Adventure Awaits.

Crystal clear waters, golden sands, lush tropical gardens along with the sound of steel pan music mean’s the Caribbean really is the perfect paradise to jet off to for some quality couple time.

Unfortunately, our wedding will fall during hurricane season, so it will be a few months before we can enjoy those breath-taking sunsets and natural wonders, but at least we have longer to save up.

Unlike the honeymoon planning, finding the perfect swimwear or beach cover up will be an absolute breeze, as the wonderful ladies from Coco Bay are on hand to help me find the perfect piece with just a few clicks. Luckily for me I am also able to mix and match pieces to suit my figure, which is especially great as I am different sizes on the top and bottom.

To say that I was pleased that I discovered Coco Bay over 5 years ago is a huge understatement, their Seafolly pieces are a firm favourite of mine and after lusting over the gorgeous vintage wildflower printed swimsuit for the best part of 2017, I was over the moon when my generous fiancé Al presented me with a beautifully wrapped package from none other than Coco Bay and after eating far too many goodies at tastings, my bikini body confidence had taken a bit of a dive, so this swimsuit will be perfect for strolls along the beach.

Tropical Vibes.

Honeymoon Wishlist

Vintage Florals.


Casablanca Kaftan

Life is better at the beach.


Hipanema rita pink basket

The perfect bag to hold all of your poolside essentials.



Havaianas flip-flops

Some of the best memories are made in flip flops.


Beach toes sunday session nail polish

Sunday Session


Seafolly rainbow beach blanket towel

Happiness comes in waves.

A Bohemian touch.

Coco bay embroidered pull on dress papaya

Feeling peachy.


Shop the Wishlist

Seafolly Vintage Wildflower Swimsuit £98.00

Casablanca Tapestry Kaftan £119.00

Hipanema Rita Basket – Pink – £80.00

Havaianas Flip – Flops – Navy – £26.00

Beach Toes – Sunday Session – £9.50

Seafolly Rainbow Beach Blanket Towel – £52.00

Hipanema Pandore Bracelet – Pink/White – £71.00

Coco Bay – Embroidered Pull On Dress – Papaya – £49.00

Do you want to treat yourself but have a wedding or holiday to pay for? Well the lovely ladies from Coco Bay are kindly offering La Blonde Voyage readers 15% off their beautiful beachwear collection. All you have to do is enter the code Voyage15 at checkout – Valid until October 31st 2017.


Happy Shopping

Love Emma



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Fitness Flatlay

Fitness Journey.

After discovering the many benefits of keeping fit, I have recently started my own fitness journey in an attempt to tone up and improve my fitness levels. It was actually my 28th birthday that made me realise that our health is something that we should invest in and exercise is about so much more than just losing weight or toning up.

Coupled with the fact that society and the media are currently showering us with perfect photoshopped  images of toned bodies in bikinis, fitness plans are being featured in magazines, guides on how to lose a stone in 4 weeks have  become a regular occurrence and social media is being used as a platform to share atheistically  pleasing images of acai bowels, yoga poses and calorie counting has become the norm.

I have decided to use this as an opportunity to make small changes such as going for walks in the fresh air, drinking plenty of water at work, snacking on fresh fruit more oppose to polishing off a whole packet of Kit-Kats and getting at least 8 hours sleep by cutting back on social media in the evenings.

Yoga Pose


After the initial motivation and small changes, I was launched into the word of healthy living and  was motivated to start my own fitness journey which involved regular bike rides, weight training and walks with Toby as a daily activity. As a result l have begun to lose some weight, my mental health has greatly improved, I feel fitter, have more energy and find myself craving healthier food.

Excercising Poses

Endure The Pain. Enjoy The Gain.

However, it has been quiet some time since I donned my running shoes, so when a Canadian Sportswear company called Lapasa got in touch and asked me if I would like to review a couple of pieces from their latest collection, I was very excited.

After looking for a decent sports bra for quite some time and failing to find leggings that cater for my 5ft 10 inch frame. I decided to try Lapasa’s Yoga bra in black and the yoga leggings in navy. Being a size 14 on the bottom and a 34E on the top I also went for the XL large size which fitted perfectly.

When they arrived I was very impressed with the quality as Lapasa’s prices are so reasonable, that I was expecting the material to feel poor.

First I tried the yoga bra which offered just the right amount of support without leaving you feeling restrictive, making it the perfect essential for your yoga or running needs. Next up where the Lapasa leggings which despite their fitted design felt incredibly soft, lightweight and comfortable.

Lapasa Sportswear

Stronger Than Yesterday!

What I particularly love about Lapasa is that unlike other sportswear brands Lapasa is discreet with its branding which is something that really appealed to me as I wanted clothing that was comfy, affordable and understated.

These are just a couple of my favourite pieces, so I would recommend you head on over to their Lapasa store over on Amazon if you wish to see the rest of their high – tech apparel. Alternatively, their Instagram account is worth taking a look at for some style and fitness inspiration.

I personally can’t recommend Lapasa enough and as a Bride-to-be who wants to feel healthy and fit on her wedding day without breaking the bank, I will definitely be ordering some more pieces from the Amazon store.

Lapasa Selfie

Let exercise be your stress relief, not food.


My Fitness Journey

Keep On Movin.


Toby with Weights

Toby weighting.

Are you just starting out on your own fitness journey? Why not treat yourself to some new pieces for your gym kit? Lapasa are offering all of my lovely readers 10% off all you have to do is enter the code: Journey1 Valid until September 4th 2017. 

I hope this post has motivated you to get moving and start your own journey today. Of course life is all about balance which is why I had a cheeky McDonalds at the weekend, so remember as long as you are off that sofa and moving, then you are already ahead of those who are still watching the latest episode of ‘Love Island’.


Love Emma



Disclaimer: I was provided with these items in exchange for an honest review. I only review products that I genuinely love and would consider buying. All opinions are my own.


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With just over a year until our Wedding day every penny really does count and saving is definitely top of the agenda for Al and I, but with the latest iPhone 7 on the market and more pressure to deliver Insta-worthy flatlays, I am beginning to feel the pressure when it comes to purchasing a new phone. Luckily for me my phone contract is almost up but after signing up to a deal that didn’t meet my needs and paying over the odds for the last couple of years, I decided that this time I would do my research earlier to ensure that I purchased the right device for me.

la blonde voyage

Flawless Flatlays.

But what if you could compare mobile contracts and SIM-only deals in one place when it suits you? Luckily for me you now can, as a gentleman named Adam Cable founded MobilePhoneChecker back in 2006 to help find the best deal for us.

Now if I am honest I love saving money on the things I want, but I  don’t exactly want to spend hours on the internet just so I can source a good deal. I would much rather be capturing the perfect flatlay with my built in 12MP camera. So I decided that whilst I won’t be purchasing a new mobile device until later in September 2017, I better check out the latest deals. I may even consider switching my mobile provider as I have been with O2 for several years now, but just recently I have struggled to achieve a decent mobile signal.

The deals I found that met my exact requirements included:

  1. EE came out at the top with unlimited minutes, texts and 5 GB for my data allowance on a 24 month contract. Despite having to pay £89.99 upfront for the handset  the monthly cost was only £42.99 with an average monthly cost of £46.74.

With my last three bills being £71.50 or higher, this could potentially save me £24.76 a month. That means that I could save £297.12 on my device plan alone! I have to say I am surprised just how much I could save, that would almost cover a deposit for our honeymoon and with the upfront cost being £10 less than what I would normally pay that is £307.12 that I could save or £604.24 as the contract is over 24 months.


Dreaming of crystal clear waters and sandy beaches.

If you have a particular network provider that you would like to stay with then mobilephonechecker can also search for the best deal for you with that provider. So the next deal I looked at was with my current provider O2

2. The best deal with o2 was their 24 month contract with unlimited texts and minutes, 10GB of data  and an upfront cost of £79.99. However, the average monthly bill came in at £58.33 that’s £11.59 more than the EE offer. As my average monthly data usage is only 3.3GB I don’t require 10GB of data. So for me the EE deal is defiantly the winner and I am most likely going to switch my network provider after seeing this

My Requirements where:

  • 4GB of Data
  • 500 Minutes
  • 500 Texts



Summer Dreams.

This website is incredibly easy to use and can find you the best deals literally within seconds. To help me ascertain what my needs where I used the o2 app which showed me my usage for each month as well as a monthly average and then I just selected the applicable option for me on the mobilephonechecker website it really was that easy.

Why not check it out today and see how much you could save


Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to go and have another look at our dream honeymoon destination in the Caribbean. Steel pans, Rum and sun here we come.

Love Emma


This post is a paid for collaboration with mobilephonechecker.co.uk  All thoughts and opinions are my own.



If its intimate surroundings that you are seeking, then why not pay Nymans a visit this weekend for peaceful walks amongst rose gardens, discover the history behind the ‘Messel’ estate and if you are feeling a bit peckish or fancy a bite to eat, then why not indulge yourself in the café where you can grab a delicious treat. Nymans also offers a range of activities throughout the year to keep the younger member’s of the clan occupied or perhaps you might fancy taking a stroll through the woodlands with your four-legged friend. Toby our Westie was in his element and absolutely loved exploring, as for me and Al we loved Nymans so much, that one visit just wasn’t enough, so we visited two weekends on the trot.

If you do suddenly find yourself seeking out further National Trust sites and you fancy saving yourself some money whilst you are enjoying the British countryside, then why not sign up for their annual membership? Me and Al have opted for this option as it means we get lots of days out and it costs us less than £6 each per month. This is perfect for us as we are both saving for our wedding next year and it means we get quality time together, get fit and healthy without trying and Toby also get’s to enjoy different places.

Further Information

Adult £12 (Access to the whole property)

Children £6.50 (Access to the whole property)

Under 5’s – Go Free!

Nyman’s does also offer special discounts to families and groups.


Don’t live near West Sussex? Don’t worry the National Trust has over 500 sites for you to choose from.

Annual Membership


IMG_6180 IMG_6169 IMG_6181 IMG_6179 IMG_6198 IMG_6200 IMG_6197 IMG_6258 IMG_6162

I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you would like to see some more suggestions from me for days out, then please do leave a comment below and I will do my best to deliver.


Love Emma